IOSH Managing Safely

4th, 6th and 7th June 2018

IOSH Managing Safely 3 day course. £450.00 per delegate (plus VAT)

The IOSH Managing Safely course aims to ensure that health and safety requirements are appreciated by people like line managers, etc. This will enable them to understand and participate in the effective management of health and safety in their area of responsibility.

Who Should Attend
IOSH Managing Safely is suitable for line managers, supervisors’, representatives of employee safety and small business owner across all industries and organisations. It provides a good overview of the legal obligations in the UK and gives a broad understanding of current health and safety requirements and principles.

Benefits of Managing Safely
By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:
• Understand their responsibilities
• Recognise hazards and assess risks in their workplace
• Use appropriate ways to control the risks
• Ensure adequate health and safety training is provided
• Understand how to investigate an accident / incident and to take action

Course Programme

Module 1 – Introducing managing safely
Module 2 – Assessing risks
Module 3 – Controlling risks
Module 4 – Understanding responsibilities
Module 5 – Understanding hazards
Module 6 – Investigating incidents
Module 7 – Measuring performance

An IOSH Managing safely certificate is awarded to all those who attend the course and successfully complete both the written and practical assessments.

Understanding of the course material is evaluated by means of a written assessment paper consisting of 30 multi-format questions and a practical assessment.

Held in our Leighton Buzzard training room.

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10 Years Voluntary work rewarded

Sue & I were over at Keech Hospice Care doing our voluntary work delivering health & safety training. When there we were pleased to be presented with our 10 years service awards. Sue also got a lovely bunch of flowers. We both look forward to continuing the work.

We both enjoy volunteering and the staff at Keech are always very friendly and appreciate what the volunteers do for them.

Have you ever thought about doing some voluntary work? Why not contact a local charity near you and find out more.

IOSH Managing Safely Refresher added to our course list

HASCAT Safety are pleased to add IOSH Managing Safely to their catalogue of health & safety training courses.

Who is the Managing Safely Refresher for?

Managing Safely refresher is a 1 day course for delegates who have already completed the full Managing Safely course. For delegates to be eligible to take the Refresher course, they must do so within 3 years of completing their full Managing Safely course.

Delegates will get to refresh their knowledge on the key parts of the full Managing Safely course and there’s a much greater emphasis on monitoring, auditing and reviewing, developed through two practical case studies.

Managing Safely Refresher covers:

  • A personal reflection from delegates on what they took away from the full Managing Safely course and a discussion on what each delegate wants to get from the Refresher course.
  • Delegates will refresh their knowledge of the key learning points from the full Managing Safely course.
  • Delegates will learn why leadership and management are important
    • their role in influencing managing safely
    • changes to legislation that affect them
    • how you can work with the Plan, Do, Check and Act model (HSE Managing for Health & Safety HSG65)
    • why effective communication is essential.
  • Putting managing safely into practice. The first practical part of the course delegates will work in pairs or small groups to review and comment on monitoring checklists based on the operations of a real business, to help them understand why monitoring and reporting are important parts of an organisation’s safety and health arrangements.
  • The second part of the practical element, which builds on the first module and focuses on the Plan, Do, Check and Act model – looking specifically at what controls need to be put in place, how to get key players on board, keeping staff up to date with developments, checking progress and identifying any issues, and assessing the overall success of your plan and the lessons learned.
  • Upon completion of an assessment successful delegates are awarded an IOSH Managing Safely certificate.

All e-Learning courses are approved.

Our e-Learning courses have been developed by and owned by VideoTile Learning Ltd and are distributed under licence. VideoTile specialise in producing e-Learning programs and have approval from different bodies for the relevant course.

Below is a list of courses HASCAT Safety offers from VideoTile and the approving bodies.

Course Title Approval Body
Abrasive Wheels IIRSM and CPD
Asbestos Awareness RoSPA and IATP
Asbestos Awareness for Architects and Designers RoSPA and IATP
Assessing Display Screen Equipment RoSPA
Basic Fire Safety Awareness RoSPA and IFE
Basic Fire Safety Awareness for Care Homes RoSPA
Basic Legionella Management RoSPA
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) RoSPA
Display Screen Equipment Awareness RoSPA
Fire Extinguisher RoSPA
Fire Marshal RoSPA
Fire Marshal for Care Homes RoSPA
Level 1 Food Safety – Catering RoSPA and CPD
Level 1 Food Safety – Manufacturing RoSPA and CPD
Level 1 Food Safety – Retail RoSPA and CPD
Level 2 Food Safety – Catering RoSPA and CPD
Level 2 Food Safety – Manufacturing RoSPA and CPD
Level 2 Food Safety – Retail RoSPA and CPD
Manual Handling IIRSM and CPD
Safeguarding Adults CPD
Safeguarding Children CPD
Working at Height RoSPA
Working Safely RoSPA and IIRSM

Please go to our e-Learning page for course details and costs.

Why should you provide health & safety training?

There are many reasons why employers should provide health & safety training for their employees. Sometimes employers feel that training is nothing but an unnecessary cost and they will not get any benefit from providing it – so they ignore it! Others only provide training because some of their clients make them. But the reality is that training provides many benefits to a business no matter what size the business.

First of all there is the obvious requirement to meet your legal requirement to keep people safe and meet the requirement to provide “information, instruction and training”. But there are some others:

Accidents and work related ill health

Training helps prevent accidents and work related ill health. No matter how minor the accident there is a cost involved to the employer – the bigger the accident the more cost. Work related health issues are equally costly. Some of the costs can be:

  • Lost time
  • Damage to equipment
  • Damage to materials / building
  • Lower moral of employees leading to more accidents
  • Insurance claims resulting in higher premiums
  • Dealing with the enforcement authorities
  • Legal expenses
  • Fines / imprisonment

Helps when legal issues occur

If the unfortunate happens and things turn into a legal matter it will help the business. If you, as a business owner or manager can prove that you provided proper health and safety training to your employees and took all reasonably practical steps to prevent an accident, it can greatly help in your defence – both in civil and criminal law.

Getting on an approved suppliers list

Instead of resenting having to have training in place for your employees because a client demands it. You should look at it that you can more easily get onto other potential clients approved lists. Thus giving you more business.

Productivity and absence

There have been many examples of how health and safety training helps productivity and reduces absenteeism. Employees who feel safe and valued because their employer has invested in them by providing training work more productively and have less absence.


Good health and safety will help you to build a positive reputation with your clients and staff. The resulting good public relations should help to increase sales and generate more leads.

Please see HSE Health and Safety Training – A Brief Guide