Why should you provide health & safety training?

There are many reasons why employers should provide health & safety training for their employees. Sometimes employers feel that training is nothing but an unnecessary cost and they will not get any benefit from providing it – so they ignore it! Others only provide training because some of their clients make them. But the reality is that training provides many benefits to a business no matter what size the business.

First of all there is the obvious requirement to meet your legal requirement to keep people safe and meet the requirement to provide “information, instruction and training”. But there are some others:

Accidents and work related ill health

Training helps prevent accidents and work related ill health. No matter how minor the accident there is a cost involved to the employer – the bigger the accident the more cost. Work related health issues are equally costly. Some of the costs can be:

  • Lost time
  • Damage to equipment
  • Damage to materials / building
  • Lower moral of employees leading to more accidents
  • Insurance claims resulting in higher premiums
  • Dealing with the enforcement authorities
  • Legal expenses
  • Fines / imprisonment

Helps when legal issues occur

If the unfortunate happens and things turn into a legal matter it will help the business. If you, as a business owner or manager can prove that you provided proper health and safety training to your employees and took all reasonably practical steps to prevent an accident, it can greatly help in your defence – both in civil and criminal law.

Getting on an approved suppliers list

Instead of resenting having to have training in place for your employees because a client demands it. You should look at it that you can more easily get onto other potential clients approved lists. Thus giving you more business.

Productivity and absence

There have been many examples of how health and safety training helps productivity and reduces absenteeism. Employees who feel safe and valued because their employer has invested in them by providing training work more productively and have less absence.


Good health and safety will help you to build a positive reputation with your clients and staff. The resulting good public relations should help to increase sales and generate more leads.

Please see HSE Health and Safety Training – A Brief Guide