What to look for in a consultant

What To Look For In A Safety Consultant

Here’s a suggested list of questions to ask anybody you are thinking of employing as a consultant.

Before you ask why are we doing this when we want your business; simple we can give you the answers you need and competition is healthy; especially when we win!

  • Qualifications and Professional Membership;

Any consultant should be able to offer as a minimum being on the Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register.

This minimum standard has been set at a degree level qualification, member of a professional body, at least two years experience and active engagement in a continuing professional development scheme. 

  • Will they solve your problem?

Explain your problem and listen to the answers. Do the answers match your needs; you may not like everything you’re told; but does the answer match your needs? Are there various options put forward to allow you to select the most suitable option.

  • Experience

Check out their background; look for success and maybe some familiarity with your problems (think problem not business type; anyone capable can jump between industries)

  • Clients

Who are their clients? Anyone you recognise?

  • Do they speak in English or Jargon?

If you can’t understand what they’re saying the chances are they can’t either; anyone can parrot legal requirements; the skill is under-standing them, and translating them for your clients.

  • Do They Speak to You or At You?

Do they discuss your particular problem or are they more interested in patronising you and selling you a solution off the shelf?

  • Do You Like Them?

Not the first question to answer but it makes a big difference if you have to choose between similar options. Make sure you feel comfortable with the people concerned; trust their advice and can actually work with them. It works far better then.

Robert (Bob) Chandler of HASCAT Safety Ltd. can be found on the newly available Occupational Safety and Health Consultants Register. We look forward to working together with you in a partnership of openness and trust. We look forward to hearing from you.

LB Connect Spring Event

HASCAT Safety Ltd is proud to be a member of LB Connect and as Chairman I’m looking forward to our Get Connected in Leighton Buzzard Event on 31st March. The event will be a great evening with guest speakers, local business exhibitions and networking.

For more information on the event please see www.lbconnect.co.uk

LB Connect’s main objectives are to link businesses through regular meetings, networking, sharing best practices, inviting guest speakers, creating business development opportunities and promoting social events. It is a truly local organisation, not affiliated to any national networking group, seeking to forge alliances with other like-minded bodies.

LB Connect meets every Friday morning for breakfast at The Ship Inn, Wing Road, Leighton Buzzard. We begin at 7am and finish promptly at 8.30am, to ensure your working day is not affected. There is the opportunity for further networking after the meeting if you choose. Membership is open to one company representing a particular business category from a wide ranging list.

We have a relaxed, friendly but structured approach to generating business and promoting social responsibility. Any profit we achieve and any fund raising we do is given to a local charity.

Health & Safety Training – Why Bother?

Did you know that good health & safety is good for your business? The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have shown that good health and safety can improve your profits. From their web site ‘Better Business’ here are some examples of how to increase your profits: –

Improved Productivity – Improvement in health and safety can lead to better productivity due to increased staff moral and a reduction in lost time.

Reputation – Poor health and safety can damage your reputation leading to loss of business.

Insurance – Poor health and safety increases insurance claims and therefore your premiums.

Uninsured Costs – There are a large number of costs that cannot be reclaimed from Insurance and therefore come straight off your bottom line. These include sick pay, investigation time, loss of productivity, possible court costs and fines.

Apart from good health and safety advice it is important that your staff play their part in the process. To do this they need the knowledge and tools to tackle the health and safety issues for which they are responsible.

HASCAT Safety Ltd offers a wide range of training courses from accredited IOSH courses (Working Safely, Managing Safely, Directing Safely) to bespoke courses just for your company.

Get Connected in Leighton Buzzard

Come as see us at the LB Connect and Bedfordshire & Luton Chamber of Commerce Spring Trade Fair.


 LB Connect is helping to boost local business by jointly hosting a major networking event at the end of March.


Get Connected in Leighton is an opportunity for anyone interested in promoting business locally to meet, chat and do business with like-minded people within a 15 mile radius of Leighton Buzzard.

Keynote speaker will be Brian McKay, Director Supply Chain of Polar Speed, a major logistics company employing nearly 200 people in 13 locations throughout the UK, whose head office is in Leighton Buzzard.

Brian will talk about the significance of Leighton Buzzard as a centre for business excellence – one of the reasons behind the £15 million turnover company’s continuous growth over the last 15 years.

 A table top exhibition of up to 30 stands will highlight some of Leighton
Buzzard’s best businesses across a wide spectrum of industry. This will be a major opportunity to find high quality local suppliers, improve business contacts and learn more about commerce in the area.

 Visitors will be able to hear the current economic forecast from a senior executive at the British Chambers of Commerce and the event will be officially opened by Leighton Linslade Town Mayor, Cllr Gordon Perham.

Get Connected in Leighton will take place at Brooklands Middle School, Brooklands Avenue, Leighton Buzzard on 31 March, commencing at 5.30pm until 8.00pm. The event is jointly sponsored by LB Connect and the Bedfordshire and Luton Chamber of Commerce.

Tickets are only £10 (plus VAT) each, including a finger buffet and non-alcoholic drinks.

Table top exhibition stands are available to all local businesses at £50 (plus VAT) each

For further information, please email:



Please note that if you decide to become a member of LB Connect before the end of April as a result of visiting the event, we will deduct £10 off your first year membership fee.